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DM&D is proud to announce that since 2010 we have been a member of the BCCSA (British Columbia Construction Association) COR Program. The Certificate of Recognition (COR) is a voluntary program that recognizes both small and large companies who develop and implement health and safety programs and injury management systems that meet an industry standard (such as WorkSafe BC). 

Our employees receive continuous training in areas such as First Aid, Confined Spaces, WHMIS, etc. Tailgate meetings are held regularly to ensure employees are aware of the job specific hazards they may encounter on each site, coordinate activities with any other contractors and review all emergency and safe work procedures.

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The advantage of trenchless installations on the environment is one of the major aspects that we take the most pride in. Not only does the installation itself have a much smaller carbon footprint than traditional methods, but our employees go through extensive pre-job and daily inspections to ensure that our equipment is free of leaks and performing efficiently.

From the fluid additives we use for drilling to the cleaners we use to make our equipment shine, the environmental impact is at the forefront of the choices we make.

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